Corporate Investigation

We provides you with credentials and track record of employees, corporate entities, individuals and institutions to form a vital part of your decision support systems. Our strategically located confidential sources can become your greatest strength in making more informed decisions.

Background screening is vital for employers to protect their businesses from legal hassles arising out of negligent hiring. It minimizes the cost of replacement hiring, which can be as much as five times the salary of the post to be filled.

Background screening gives businesses a better quality of employee; the unprincipled ones stay away.

Applicants with a history of undesirable conduct or drug abuse can be quickly identified and weeded out, creating a safe and productive workplace for employees.

Wrongful disclosure of a prior criminal conviction can also be the basis not to select a candidate.

For the maximum protection, all jurisdictions where an applicant has lived, worked or studied in the past seven years should be checked.

It has to be done by specialists who understand how criminal activities of a person are recorded in a Police Station in India.