Litigation Support

Litigation support is providing support and proofs for legal and court related issues. Its been seen that most of the times genuine and strong litigation cases become weak and are lost in the court of law for lack of concrete evidence and supporting information which one finds difficult to obtain on his own.

The cases can be property rights, business frauds, company frauds, data theft, fake documents etc. We help in obtaining the required information by deep investigation and thorough checks proofs and documents , video’s audio information’s as the case may be, which will strengthen your side.

This services are mostly used for alimony, divorce, child custody, land/property disputes, bank/insurance frauds, succession & inheritance and other civil & criminal cases.


You will be amazed how to gather information which is very difficult by you to ensure and gather. We have professionals and team working towards the same and they have years of hands on experience to handle these kind of investigation.