Divorce Cases Investigation & Verification

In today’s world survey says that Divorce cases are increasing day by day. It is not only the female that files for a divorce against her husband but men too are equally filing and complaining to get the same.

Even the same is being noticed and seen that in most of the cases, the claims made are not true and they all are built up just for the sake of getting the divorce.

Some of the reasons can be (property, money, maintenance, other relationship etc). Also the same is being noticed with changing environment the issue has been raised to changeover for the sake of self.

In case of Boy filing divorce case against his wife or a girl filing divorce case against her husband in both cases,





We undergo the required checks:

  • Any extra martial affairs
  • Ascertain fidelity
  • Any hidden/previous marriage
  • Medical fitness
  • Any bad habit etc
  • Any Criminal Record
  • Employment details
  • Exact reason of Divorce
  • In Laws Behavior with the individual
  • In Laws Social & Financial Status
  • Any Harassment/Cruelty
  • Any other illegal activities

We ensure that every investigation is done deeply to know what exactly the matter is and what the truth is.

We conduct investigation and thereby embolden the person by providing them sufficient material which may come handy as legal support to win the case.

All our proofs are authenticated and considerable by Indian Law. All proofs can be produced to ascertain the needs of the case of divorce if filled.

The Tentative time to complete such cases of divorce investigation is 21 working days & can be extended depending on the kind of information to extract and the area/location of investigation.